Ger-Line is featuring a wide selection of finest quality German fishing lines

About Us

Founded in 2008, created a trustworthy, premium German brand-Ger-Line®, featuring a wide selection of finest quality German fishing lines, monofilament, fluorocarbon, braided fishing lines. We focus on best fishing lines, delivering the maximum value for our customers and fishermen. 


Our Advantages

100% made in Germany--All produced in Germany incl. best raw material, advanced machines & equipment, newest engineering & technology, highest quality system, and experienced fishing tackle experts

Dedication to quality--Fully committed to the top-rated fishing lines with worldwide standards, active in continuous product improvement, to guarantee best fishing lines

Innovative--Consistently to communicate with customers, analyze markets, offering the right solutions for extra request and local market

Focus on customer success--Excels in customer satisfaction, to support customers to get more orders with better profit

Passion for fishing sports--Aim to make the fishing sports much easier and more fun for all the anglers, increase the chances of a catch, improve fishing line's functional advantage and efficiency, and allows greater line capacity


Customers & Markets

Main customers--Sell both inside Europe and world-wide, mainly sell to distributors, wholesalers, some OEM for brand manufacturers

Growing markets--Our product portfolio is steadily growing, for both emerging markets and developed markets, incl. South Africa, South America, US, Australia, China, Russia etc.